"Good service, good rv." Steve from Iowa August 2016

"I was a little nervous about booking online but once I talked to the staff they but my mind at ease. Prices were good, staff was great and we got a beautiful motorhome. If I ever book a motorhome again it will surely be through Adventure Touring. I cannot say enough good things about this experience thank you again." Janice Las Vegas Nevada June 2016

"I found that the prices were very competitive and the site was easy to use." April, September 2014

 "We had an amazing trip, thank you Adventure Touring staff for all of your help." Jack Mulley Florida, March 2014

"I really liked being about to check different dates on travel right on the quote program. I was able to see what dates of travel were cheaper and look at all the different sizes of RV. Also being able to to add all the extras into the quote made for no surprises when I arrived." Niki from Boston Nov 21 2013

"Thank you for making the fees and requirements so easy to understand. You really make online searching for RVS so much simpler." Trisha Mead Jul 19, 12, 10:32 am

"easy to use." Tommy Jan 08, 12 2:16 pm

"I loved that your site provided discount categories (such as one-way rental). It made searching much easier. Additionally, your willingness to provide an online quote for one-way rentals distinguishes you from competitors who either do not offer one-way rentals or require you to contact them for rate options. Furthermore, I am very pleased to see that pets are not automatically rejected by your company! Great job." Ashly  Dec 11, 11 11:05 am

"I love your rvs they are even Better than cruise america :)" Eddie (Don't know if he was kidding or not, but I liked it!) Oct 6,11 3:20 pm

"easy and clear, hope to get the confirmation soon." Veerla  Jul 09, 11 5:10 am

"excellent!!!!!!!! all the way" James Jul 03, 11 10:01 pm

"very easy and informattive, i'll look forward to coming back." Gem  Jul 01, 11 3:34 pm

Obviously, these are all very complimentary, but you can be assured that they really are some of the things people have to say about us. The ones I did not include seem to be about navigation of the website and, occasionally, about the price of renting an RV vs. what? Buying? Stay tuned for more as they come in.