The 2019 dates for renting an RV for Burning Man will be August 25 to September 2. Remember rental locations are closed on Sundays and Labor Day.

2019 RV Rentals are available now on our website; book as soon as you know you can go: RV for Burning Man from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Reno, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City


While you are thinking about your buying tickets for the event, the RV for your comfort, you may also need to co-ordinate your fly-in location with your RV pick-up location. In our experience, everyone that calls us, asks firstly for San Francisco, so that location will likely be sold out by about January. After that, we start to look around for anything available from the rest of the cities where we have locations. (See above.) We have rented RVs for over ten years now and have seen the demand for RVs for the Burning Man Festival grow along with us.

I have not been to this event in the Black Rock Desert, however, I know that the temperatures will be around 100 F during the day and down to around freezing at night – it is a desert! For those extreme conditions you need plenty of survival gear – protection from the heat and sun during the day and protection from the cold at night - RV travel has got to be the most efficient way to enjoy your week.

From searching for information on Burning Man, you will find there is a lot of information available on their official website, vendors of memorabilia, entertainment, etc. and also from bloggers who attend every year.  Check out the various Survival Guides, especially from the official website.

As you can imagine, garbage and human waste is a very big deal. You are required to pack out what you bring in and the goal is to leave the desert cleaner than you found it.

When you pick up your RV, make sure the fresh water tank is full and the waste water tanks are empty; the propane tanks are full, batteries charged, etc. These are all things that should be done for you when you pick up, but please double check for yourself. You are entering the wilderness for a week in extreme conditions. The black water (sewer) and grey water (sink/tub) holding tanks are not bigger than your fresh water, but, by all means conserve, conserve, conserve.

If necessary, there are dumping facilities available at a price.

There are porta-potties on site – be sure to use only 1 ply, RV paper, do not use them for any other disposal. (So no other personal hygiene, no garbage!)

To help you with the “Leave No Trace” goal here are some other hints. Get rid of excess packaging before you arrive.  Anything and everything you bring in must be hauled out. You do not want to create a lot of needless, stinky garbage to have to keep with you in your camp.

You will need food for the week. Think about what nutritious food you can prepare that will produce the least garbage in the preparation. After the fresh food is gone, make sure you have dried food to cook with, nuts and dried fruit. Good old oatmeal for breakfast! Since you are travelling in style in an RV, you will be better off than those in tents, however, the Leave No Trace rule still applies!

We are an independent RV Rental company and do not represent Burning Man in any way, and do not wish to be confused with any official burning man websites.