RV Rental FAQ

RV Rental Terminology

What does Class A/B/C mean?

The class of RV / motorhome indicates the body style of a particular RV rental.

Class A: Bus-like style with a large front window. These are often the largest motorhomes we have available.

Class B: Van style. These are often the smallest RVs available. Class B RV rentals provide easy maneuverability and better fuel economy, but also have fewer amenities and less space.

Class C: Cab-over bed style. These RV rentals range from 22' to 37' and provide an additional bed over the vehicle’s cab area to increase the sleeping capacity of the motorhome. Class C RV rentals are our most popular style.

What is a "one-way" RV rental?

A one-way RV rental is any RV rental where the drop-off city is different from the pick-up city. (e.g. Pick-up motorhome in Chicago, drop-off motorhome in Los Angeles) One-way rentals may have an increased minimum rental period. (e.g. a three night minimum in the off season may become a seven night minimum for one-way rentals.

What is a "winterized" RV?

Each RV rental has to be winterized from November to April (rental location and period may vary depending on weather and temperatures) to prevent the motorhome from freezing. This will include water pipes, toilet, fresh water tanks, sink, shower, external shower, hot water heater and holding tanks. Winterization requires that water be drained from the fresh water tank, hot water heater and both waste tanks. Once the RV rental is winterized, water cannot be put into the fresh water tank and it cannot be hooked-up to the city water supply. Therefore, water is no longer available in the motorhome. The toilet, however, can still be used as long as windshield washer antifreeze is poured down to rinse.

RV Quotes & Reservations

Can I receive a FREE, no strings attached quote online?

Absolutely. Adventure Touring provides an easy-to-use online quote program that provides you with a full cost breakdown of your trip, with no hidden charges. Many times, other RV rental companies will hide additional charges in order to get you to book with them.

How do I reserve a one-way rv rental?

One-way RV rentals are available through our online quote program and can be requested from most of our locations. You will be contacted after you submit your reservation to confirm availability.

RV Usage

How much gas mileage does an RV get?

Vehicles usually get between 6 to 13 miles per gallon. This depends of course on gross weight, the vehicle size, the speed that you travel, and whether you are towing anything.

Do you allow towing with your rentals?

Towing of certain items is allowed on certain vehicles in our fleet and is subject to pre-approval. We do not have any rentals which will allow you to tow your vehicle.

Do I need a special driver's license?

All of our motorhome, camper, RV rentals can be driven with a standard driver's license. If you are allowed to drive a car, you are allowed to drive a motorhome, regardless of its size!

Do RVs come in automatic and manual transmission?

All RV rentals are automatic transmission.

Do the RV's come with TV's?

Most of the rentals do have TV/DVD players. The TV will disengage when you are driving, so you will only be able to watch TV while you are stopped.

What does a generator do?

Generators provide your RV with electrical power when you are unable to "hook-up". This enables you to use the electrical components (microwave, tv, outlets, etc.) no matter where you choose to park your RV.
Note: Lights will work without the use of a generator as these operate off of the auxiliary battery. Your fridge, stove, heat and hot water work off of propane.

How many people can be in the vehicle while it is being driven?

The number of passengers, INCLUDING infants and children, cannot exceed the number of seatbelts. The largest RV that we have has seatbelts for 8 passengers.

Do I need an International Drivers License?

No, however, an International Drivers License is recommended for ease of use for international customers.


What if we have to cut our vacation short? Will we get our money refunded?

No. While the depot and Adventure Touring are very concerned with our client's well being, we recommend purchasing travel insurance.

What about insurance to drive?

Varies by depot. Some locations include basic insurance, while others require you to provide your own insurance binder. As the driver of the vehicle, you must be present at the time of pick up and you must have your valid driver's license with you.


What if we have to cancel our RV Rental before we depart? Will we get our money refunded?

No. While the depot and Adventure Touring are very concerned with our client's well being, we recommend purchasing travel insurance.

RV Road Trip

What should I do if the engine light comes on?

Pull over to the side of the road, contact your depot, and they will let you know how to proceed.

What if I am involved in an accident?

Notify the depot immediately.

Get copies of all the police reports including the case number.

Get all the information of the other party (if there is one) and their information details.

Get contact information for any witnesses (if any).

What if my RV rental breaks down?

If your RV rental breaks down, notify your depot before approving of any repairs or towing. If the depot has not approved repair costs, the client may not be reimbursed the cost of the repairs.

Should I be performing any regular maintenance on the vehicle?

Keep the gas tank full.

Check the oil and coolant at every stop.

If the RV is winterized, please follow the special winterized instructions.


What forms of payment do you accept?

Payment can be made via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or wire transfer. May vary by location.

What costs are not included in the RV rental basic rate?

Costs that are not included in the vehicle basic rental rate include mileage, generator use, supplemental insurance, gas, tolls, camp fees, food, etc.

What kind of deposits do I have to make?

A reservation deposit is collected at booking to hold the vehicle for you. This deposit fee is non-refundable. Please ask about the reservation deposit at time of booking and any cancellation charges that may incur.

The refundable security/damage deposit that will be collected when you arrive to pick up your RV,  must be processed on a valid credit card.

What about the payments?

Generally, payments are processed 45 days prior to departure on a major credit card, unless previous arrangements have been made. If you have booked within 45 days of departure, full payment is processed at the time of booking.

RV Pick-Up

When should I arrive at the depot?

At the time of booking, the Reservations Associate will tell you when to call ahead and arrange a specific depot pick up appointment time. After signing your rental contract, be prepared to spend approximately 90 minutes to go through your vehicle orientation.

Will the depot arrange to pick me up from the airport/airport hotel?

Some depots do arrange for transfers from specific hotels and the airport. It is important to inquire with your Reservations Associate about transfers at the time of booking so they can make the necessary arrangements with the depot ahead of time.

How long will my pick-up take?

After signing you rental contract, be prepared to spend approximately 90 minutes to go through your vehicle orientation. At this time, the employee will explain the operation of the vehicle, and they will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

What should I bring to the depot?

The booking must be in the name of the credit card holder. This person must be present at the depot to sign the rental contract. You should bring a valid, recognizable and legal drivers license for all persons that may be driving the RV.

RV Drop-Off

In what condition must the vehicle be returned?

The vehicle must be returned in the same condition it was at the time of pick up. All depots require a full tank of gas at the time of drop off as the tank is full when the vehicle is picked up. Grey water and black water holding tanks must be dumped.

Do your depots allow after-hour returns?

No, our depots do not allow after-hour returns.

Will the depot drive me from the depot to the airport?

Some of our depots will arrange a complimentary shuttle to the airport. It is recommended to ask your Reservations Associate for details.

What if I want to extend my vacation while I am on the road?

Extended days are subject to availability and require approval from the depot.