How It Works - Rent an RV in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Search 
  2. Check for Availability
  3. Book

1 Search for your RV Rental

In order to find the RV rental you are looking for, you will want to know the following:

  • Pick-up and return dates
  • Pick-up and return location (city / cities)
  • How many people will be seated / sleeping in the RV
  • In order to decide the details, choose a vehicle and click on "price details"
  • Then, under "additional products & services", you will see what each of the RVs have to offer:
    • What features or amenities will you need in your RV (TV, washer/dryer, etc.)?
    • How many miles will you be travelling?
    • How many Personal/Convenience Kits will you need?
    • Are you bringing pets?
    • Do you need extra insurance?
    • Will you need to tow a vehicle?
    • Does the RV need to be equipped with a generator?

Our online quote system will ask you for your dates and locations. Next, we will show you a list of RV rentals that match your trip details. This is where you will be able to browse and decide on a motorhome. Should you have any difficulties with this process, please contact one of our helpful agents.

2. Check Availability

  • Read the Booking Enquiry email - especially the Terms & Conditions - e.g. cancellation charges could apply.
  • Fill in your personal information in order to have your quote confirmed and be advised of availibility.

3. Book Now

  • Once you receive the booking enquiry in your Inbox, you can secure your reservation request by clicking on "Book Now" and filling in your credit card details. When your request has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation. It's that easy. Soon you will be on your way to a great RV rental holiday.